Number of coronavirus cases (COVID19) Wednesday 24 June 2020 in Madagascar


SIXTY-THREE new confirmed cases bring the total number of confirmed cases from 1724 to 1787.

FORTY-SEVEN new recoveries brings the total number of recoveries to 779

👉 the cumulative number of deaths reported since the beginning of the epidemic 16

The number of people in treatment decreased by 8, from 897 to 889.

The total number of hospitalized patients with severe disease decreased from 9 to 6.

The number of PCR tests performed since March 19 is 19,027.

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Localization of new cases :

  • Atsinanana region (Est, Tamatave / Toamasina) : 3
  • Analamanga ( (Tananarive/ Antananarivo) : 38
  • Moramanga : 20
  • Majunga : 2
  • Anosibe an’ala : 2

Press Conference: Speech of the President of the Republic of Madagascar on Coronavirus on Sunday, June 17, 2020

Andry Rajoelina , the President of the Malagasy Republic, recalls that the Coronavirus (Covid19) epidemic is limited to 4 regions of Madagascar : Analamanga, Atsinanana , Matsiatra Ambony and Alaotra Mangoro.

The epidemic is well under control in Madagascar compared to other countries in the world where thousands of people die every day, such as Brazil, the United States and others.

The president praises the governor of the region Matsiatra Ambony (Fianarantsoa) for his involvement in effectively fighting the epidemic in Fianarantsoa since all detected cases have been cured.

1) How has the situation evolved over the last 15 days?

On March 20, we saw the first three cases arrive. To date, we have registered 1272 confirmed cases, including 10 deaths.
Over the last 15 days:
484 new cases have been confirmed.
199 have recovered, all of whom have taken the CVO
It is currently proven that all people who have taken CVO are cured.
In the last week, 155 people have been cured.
But other crises have happened because of this health crisis: social and economic.
Even if the epidemic is evolving in Madagascar, the situation remains under control compared to other countries like Brazil or the United States of America but also African countries like South Africa.
3 months minus one week after the beginning of the epidemic, we remain in stage 1 (a few infectious outbreaks but no generalized circulation of the virus).

2) What are the new provisions?

We must remain prudent, united and respect the instructions. I draw your attention to the statistics.
9 deaths in Toamasina and 1 in Tana.
In Toamasina, from January to March, 673 people died by accident…
In Tananarive, over the same period, 2,906 deaths by accident
Coronavirus kills a lot less than accidents…
This means that if we continue to follow the guidelines, we will defeat the coronavirus.
Many districts are not affected at all, so in Madagascar as a whole, everything is back to normal except for four regions: Atsinanana (Toamasina 1 and 2, Vatomandry,…), Analan’jirofo (Fenoarivo Atsinanana, Vavatenina, Soanierana Ivongo), Alaotra Mangoro (Moramanaga, Ambatondrazaka, Amparafaravola,…) and Analamanga (Antananaarivo).
In all Madagascar, meetings of more than 50 people are forbidden.
In the four regions mentioned, the curfew is maintained but only from 10 pm to 4 am.
For Eastern regions: work is allowed until 3pm (instead of 1pm) and school does not resume.
For the Analamanga region, everyone returns to work except vulnerable people (diabetics, asthmatics, people suffering from hypertension or kidney failure).
Self-employed workers can work until 5pm.
Public transport can operate until 7pm.

Protocols implemented for the treatment of patients in Malagasy public hospitals.

the treatments for coronavirus are as follows:

  • hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin
  • Covid Organics (CVO)
  • Injections of two drugs (not specified)

for clinical trials: they are being conducted only on volunteer patients and extended in several African countries with the participation of Malagasy doctors.


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